What is edging?

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Edging is an exercise for men to help them address mild premature ejaculation. It is an exercise which helps men learn control, as well as build stamina to help boost their staying power while having sexual intercourse.

Edging explained

There are millions of men around the world who suffer from premature ejaculation. Contrary to some belief, premature ejaculation can be cured through some exercise.

Edging, for example, helps reverse premature ejaculation. It is considered as one of the best exercises to help men address this medical condition.

Edging is when men take the time to masturbate before ejaculating during sexual intercourse. The goal of edging is for men to subside the urge to ejaculate. Edging can be done or repeated as many times as the men like.

Learning to masturbate when the urge to ejaculate is strong can help develop the staying power of men while having sex. The men get to build up repeatedly which trains the brain to start gaining the complete control of the urge to ejaculate.

Edging may also be used as a sexual technique to reach stronger orgasms for men and multiple orgasms for their partners.

Men who is performing edging can try to edge for 20 minutes before ejaculating.

Edging vs. ballooning

Another exercise that can be used to cure premature ejaculation is ballooning. Ballooning also involves masturbation before ejaculation. Ballooning, however, does not require the stroking of the penis. Instead, ballooning teaches men on how to train the brain to find pleasure without any release or ejaculation.

Men who want to try ballooning must first find the spot on the penis and then rub off the area through circular motions. The main goal of ballooning is to keep the male organ as hard as possible without releasing or ejaculation.

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