What is eccentricity?

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Eccentricity refers to odd or unusual character or behavior. People with very peculiar conduct are said to be eccentric. Behavior that deviates from the norms of the society is said to be the main definition of eccentricity. On the positive side, eccentricity may make other people think that one is mysterious, a genius, or very interesting. Quirkiness is another term that is often associated with eccentricity. People who have weird personalities are often labelled as quirky or eccentric. Creativity is also another trait that is associated with people who are labelled as eccentric. Their behaviors or personality may not necessarily conform to normal behavioral standards, but other people may see them in a positive light in terms of their intelligence or creativity.

On the other side of things, eccentricity may also be synonymous with negativity. People who are eccentric may be anti-social or may not have normal friendships or relationships. Their odd behavior may not be accepted by the people around them making them feel very uncomfortable in social situations. Their lack of social experience makes some eccentric people become even more strange or weird. In a normal gathering of friends, normal people are expected to mingle with other attendees. In the case of eccentricity, some people may have weird behaviors like hiding when there are too many people around. There are also others who display their eccentricity through their words or ideas which are seemingly odd and not normal.

For many medical and psychology experts, some levels eccentricity is considered a type of personality disorder . When there are too many deviations from what is considered normal, people may be classified as having eccentricity or a personality disorder. People who are eccentric may also have emotional concerns in their lives that led them to have an odd or weird personality. The instability they feel basically makes eccentric people think and behave beyond the norms or beyond what is considered normal and expected.

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