What is eating disorder?

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Eating disorder is a psychological condition that results in grave physical and emotional complications. Those with eating disorders can face life-threatening repercussions both for males and females.

There are different types of eating disorders such as binging, bulimia and anorexia. Those with eating disorders suffer from a roller-coaster of emotions and have issues with their weight and their food.

Types of eating disorders

There are different types of eating disorders as some would refuse to eat for fear of gaining weight, others would take food only to throw up the food and others may also eat excessively.

Anorexia Nervosa

Patients who suffer from anorexia nervosa do not eat enough food and as such they experience weight loss until their weight becomes way below the desired weight for their bodies.

Those who have this type of anorexia have a severe fear of gaining weight; they obsess about their weight and display certain behaviors that would prevent them from gaining any pounds. These patients have their self-esteem anchored on their body image and as such any weight gain leads then to think that they are worthless.

Those with anorexia nervosa refuse to accept the severity of their eating problems. Some patients suffering with this eating disorder may display binge-eating or purging behaviors.

Binge eating disorder

Those with binge eating disorder tend to consume big amount of food but may choose to other things to prevent weight gain such as inducing vomiting. Those who binge-eat often feel that they have no control during the times when they indulge in binge eating.

They also feel very ashamed for binge-eating.

People who suffer from this eating disorder often eat a lot even when they do not feel their hunger, eat too much until they feel very uncomfortable or they eat by themselves because they are ashamed of the way they eat.

Bulimia Nervosa

Those with bulimia nervosa eat food and then prevent themselves from gaining weight through various means like vomiting the food. These patients also have their self-esteem anchored on their body image.

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