What is Dungeons and Dragons?

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Dungeons and Dragons, also called DnD or D&D, is a role-playing board game which was created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974. As years pass, several modifications were made to improve the game, and additional materials were included to enhance the experience for the players.

There is a strict set of rules that players need to follow when playing the game. These rules can be found in the three rule books, namely the Player’s Handbook, which includes all the important information needed to create a character, as well as the specific rules that govern the character’s actions; the Monster Manual, which details the statistics, the habitat, ability scores, temperament, as well as the combat scores of the monsters that the players will encounter as they play the game; and the Dungeon Master’s Guide which contains the information that a player needs in order to play as the dungeon master or the referee.

The game starts with the players creating their characters by assigning ability scores to attributes, such as intelligence, strength, dexterity, among others. Aside from that, players will also choose the proficiencies and skills of their characters and purchase starting items with the use of fictional gold. The original version of Dungeons and Dragons only have three character classes, including the magic user, fighter, and cleric/priest. However, the modern versions of this game and the supplemental materials enable players to choose from a wide variety of classes for their characters.

Once the characters are created, the dungeon master will lead the players to the adventure by describing the environment and situation. The players will then say how their characters will respond to certain situations, which involve combating monsters, passing obstacles, and finding treasures. The level of the characters will increase as they gain enough experience points from overcoming problems and defeating monsters. Leveling up is essential in this game in order to enhance the attributes and strengthen the skills of one’s character.

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