What is DTA OneClick?

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What is DTA OneClick?

DTA OneClick or “Download Them All” OneClick is a software add-on for Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. Standard and generic Firefox browsers have their own default download manager and are able to manage and download files on the internet but with limited capabilities. This default downloading tool is enough for smaller files and single downloads. But for bigger files and multiple downloads, the DTA OneClick must be added to make downloading faster and to add more functionality.

DTA OneClick can completely be integrated with the Firefox browser and is so easy to get from any website a person is browsing through. By accessing the tools menu, one can have DTA OneClick almost instantly and start downloading multiple files all at the same time. And of course, this add-on application stays true to its name as it can really make downloading all the files you want easier and faster. DTA OneClick has a “select links” feature which basically tracks and lists all links to a particular object, image, or another link to a particular website. In this way, all files that you select can be downloaded in just a matter of seconds. It’s like this add-on application anticipates that you may select a particular object or link on the website and so readies its link source for easier and faster downloading.

DTA OneClick also stays true of featuring “one click” functions. This particular feature works for websites that you’ve already visited in the past. Like if you were downloading images from a specific website, DTA OneClick will have some sort of memory of it and will automatically start downloading if you visit this specific website again. Instead of selecting all the things that you want to download, you only need to do “one click”. This is especially good news for those who do frequent downloads on specific websites. With this great feature, downloading files from the internet becomes a breeze.

Another great thing about DTA OneClick is that allows for pausing and resuming downloads. With this feature, one doesn’t have to download a particular file in one sitting. Even if the computer is shut down, users will be able to resume downloading instantly. This feature works best with large files which may require quite a long time to download.

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