What is drug addiction?

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Drug addiction is a condition wherein a person becomes dependent upon a certain drug or substance. In the medical and scientific community, addiction to a drug is considered a brain disease than can either be chronic or relapsing. It does not only involve a weak willpower or emotional state but many experts believe that part of the brain is already damaged or dysfunctional in making patients become compulsive seekers of a certain substance.

The idea of drug addiction is considered voluntary at the first few times. At this stage of the process, it is considered a person’s choice or willpower that introduced him/her to trying drugs and the chance to get intoxicated afterwards. Many people who get into drugs are said to be after the feel-good sensation when intoxicated. Many people report feelings of euphoria and calmness. Many drugs actually have medical benefits like sedation or analgesia and some people want to experience these benefits over and over again because of an actual physical ailment or simply to enjoy the feeling of intoxication. As people feel better about themselves, many of them get hooked and become addicted to certain drug or substance.

The more people take drugs, the brain is said to also make adjustments in terms of its response to the chemicals contained in them. This is where the involuntary part of the addiction sets in as the brain’s normal function is disrupted by the constant presence of chemicals from the drug. The drugs are said to feed the feel-good center or parts of the brain and the more people take them, the brain will also be re-conditioned in terms of its behavior and functions. The brain will either be over-stimulated or even tricked into making people think that all is well and functioning. With this kind of disruption, the cycle of taking drugs and feeling good will simply go over and over again leading to dependence and addiction.

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