What is drama?

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Drama is an essential form of human behavior that is also used to describe a genre of movies and stage plays. It is often used as a tool to explore and express human emotions, usually accompanied with deep words and heavy feelings. For all times, it is a fundamental part of human activity when a person experience disheartening moments such as break-ups, family troubles, failure, and loss.

In psychology, drama is used to enhance a child’s cognitive development. It serves as the medium to enhance the sensory motor of a child as it helps the latter respond to certain situations. For instance, it allows the child to stimulate a high degree of thinking, subsequently allowing the latter to transform.

Drama is also defined as a discrete skill. In theatre arts, it means the ability to portray the sad facts of life such as being able to cry. Drama also refers to the different modes of representing a performance. It comes from the Greek word meaning “to do” or “to act.” It is divided into three forms such as Opera, Pantomime, and Creative Drama. Back in the Greek times, drama is performed by actors on the stage – the most popular example is Tragedy by William Shakespeare. Drama was a popular form of theatre arts in Greece performed with a combination of song and dance. Greek drama was divided into three categories including classical roman drama, medieval dram, and post-modern drama. The Elizabeth and Jacobean Drama was just one of the best pieces of art which spring up in the Old England during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Dram also existed in Asian countries. The most popular dram in Asia came from India, in its famous Sanskrit theatre. It is also known for the modern Indian drama and modern Urdu drama.