What is DNC?

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Dilation and Curettage

DNC is the short form of Dilation and Curettage. DNC is mostly written as D&C and refers to a short surgical process involving dilation of the cervix and the uterine lining scraped using s special instrument. Having an idea of what the DNC process involves before undergoing it goes a long way in easing a patient’s fears and makes the process easy. A DNC procedure is necessitated by a number of reasons. A DNC surgery can be conducted to extract tissues from the uterus after or during an abortion or a miscarriage. It is also done to remove tiny pieces of placenta following childbirth. When done under these circumstances, DNC helps in preventing heavy bleeding or infections. DNC procedures are also undertaken to treat or diagnose irregular uterine bleeding. In such cases, DNC helps detect growths like fibroids, uterine cancer, endometriosis and hormonal imbalances. Samples are derived from the uterine tissues and tested for abnormal cells.

What DNC Procedure Involves

A DNC procedure generally takes about fifteen minutes to complete. However, a patient may stay in the hospital for five hours. Prior to taking a DNC procedure, patients are required to provide their background and consent. It is important to engage the doctor to learn more about the process and let him or her know of any suspicions of being pregnant, allergies or sensitivities to medications, latex or iodine and any history of bleeding problems or prescriptions of blood thinning medications. Patients are asked to undress, wear a hospital gown and empty the blood before being placed under anesthesia. Patients usually lie on their back and the doctor places a speculum in the vagina then places a clamp to hold the cervix. Though there are not cuts or stitches done during DNC, doctors clean the cervix using an antiseptic.

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