What is DLC?

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DLC is downloadable content added with the video games in addition to the original content that is published via internet by the owner company or any third party at times which provide extensive features to the game which may include some additional features, stages or graphics, maps, missions etc. Sometimes additional songs may be present in the content. There are two main reasons why this content is released in internet.



Providing additional feature to the game will help it to survive longer in the market. Adding different maps or stages or features attract the user to download it in a higher number thus this proves to be a successful marketing strategy. More people are attracted towards the video games they will tell their friends and colleague about the advances in it so the reach games increase.


This is another important target of releasing additional features to the game. The more the visits and downloads on the site more is the financial growth of the company that designs the video game. Time to time release of new feature will increase its reach that will automatically help improving the financials.

Convenience for the user:

Not only the company but also the user takes benefit from this downloadable content. First is the additional fun part that is attractive for the user but another feature is the monetary benefit for the user too. For example at times the cost of a game is lesser than the total amount of the user may spend while buying the stages of the game separately.


The add-ons present on the pages of the realized content are a successful marketing strategy that has been exploited by many companies and is again very useful for the promotion of the game itself.