What is Divination?

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What is Divination?
Divination refers to the act of foretelling future events by interpreting present conditions through the use of ritualistic activities and/or objects that are deemed to have some form of power from a “divine” being or a supernatural power. Others relate divination to some form of fortune-telling or a part of witchcraft in which the supposed answer to a question or supposed interpretation of signs, omens, and events relate to the future and that they all come from a supernatural source.

Since divination is very much associated with fortune-telling and witchcraft, many people consider the practice as coming from a fallen angel or bad spirit. Divination also differs from basic fortune telling in a sense that the former involves more of a religious or ritualistic activity, while the latter refers to a more “normal” everyday activity in telling people their supposed future through various signs.

People in ancient times practiced divination in so many different ways. The ancient Romans and Aztecs were known to believe that there is meaning and significance in the flight of birds. These people believed that this particular bird activity is controlled by a “divine” power and that this also controls some part of the future. Native Americans were also known to have a ritual involving the shaking of tents. Through prayers and contact with some form of spirit, a “shaman” will be able to “see” future events. The ancient Chinese also believed in omens with reference to a person’s future depending on various random things such as date of birth, weather disturbances that occur, or the name given to a child. These seemingly random things are believed to hold some form of vision to what the future holds for a particular person.

Many people are not convinced and are even sceptic of the whole concept of divination and being able to foretell the future on random things and rituals. These sceptics believe that the practice of divination is not supported by clear scientific evidence. Others dismiss divination as purely as superstition-based activity.

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