What is Dicyclomine?

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Dicyclomine is a drug that treats a specific type of intestinal ailment commonly referred to as irritable bowel syndrome. It reduces signs of cramping in intestines and stomach by reducing natural flow of gut. It also helps relax stomach and intestinal muscles. Dicyclomine part of drugs grouped in the anticholinergic class. It should not be administered to kids less than 6 months as it could cause fatal side effects. The drug is taken by mouth four times each day. It should be taken before meals and before bedtime or as instructed by a physician. Doctors may, at times advice taking low doses of the drug then gradual increment to reduce side effects on patients. It is important to take the correct amount, particularly where the drug is presented in syrup form. Patients are advised not to use tablespoons because those may not provide accurate dosage. The liquid dose should be mixed with a similar quantity of water prior to taking. Patients who are on antacids are advised not to take this drug along with the antacid as this reduces the absorption rate of dicyclomine. Dicyclomine dosage depends on a patient’s age, response to drug and health condition. Increasing dosage levels if not recommended and can only be done with approval by a doctor.

Effects of Dicylomine

When used over a prolonged period, dicyclomine may cause patients to experience withdrawal signs such as vomiting, sweating and dizziness when they stop usage suddenly. Gradual decrease is recommended to reduce reactions and patients should seek medical help should withdrawal signs be noted. During administration, patients may experience lightheadedness, blurred vision, dry mouth and eyes, nausea, bloating and constipation. Though fatal effects are rare among patients using this drug, patients who experience decreased sweating, dry or hot skin, irregular heartbeat, slurred speech, mood changes, vision changes, improper coordination or urinating difficulties should consult a doctor immediately.

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