What is DFA?

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What is DFA?
DFA is another acronym or phrase that has become part of urban lingo or internet slang. But DFA actually has quite a lot of meanings to it, depending on the type of conversation a person is having with another. In today’s tech-savvy world, many young people spend much of their time on the internet chatting with friends, making posts on social networking sites, and exchanging text messages with other people. These activities have resulted in a lot of new words and phrases that sometimes only young people understand.

One such urban term or acronym is DFA and when the conversation is about baseball, it means “due for assignment” or “designated for assignment”. It applies to a situation wherein a player on the major leagues is sent back to the minor leagues for some reason. So instead of bluntly saying that one player is pushed back to the minors, one could say that this particular player is “DFA” or designated for assignment. Some people even use DFA as a verb when referring to a major leaguer’s transfer back to the minor leagues.

DFA may also mean “down for anything” which simply refers to a person who agrees to almost anything. The use of DFA is applicable in situations wherein one expects or assumes another person or group to agree on a particular situation, choice, or thing. Like when a group of friends decide to go to the beach for relaxation, they may consider other people that are not part of the group as “DFA” or “down for anything”. In this example, it simply means that the other people are assumed to be cool with the idea of joining them at the beach.

For people who are fond of profanity, they may use DFA to mean “don’t fuck around” to simply fill the lull in conversations or to warn another person not to mess around with things or with a particular plan.

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