What is Dew Point?

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Dew point is the temperature when the air becomes saturated with water vapor. Dew point is reached when the air has cooled under consistent pressure until it has saturated with water vapor. This means that the water vapor’s condensation has the same rate as of the evaporation of liquid water.

Dew Point explanation

Consider that the dew point is merely a temperature and that there is a difference between dew point and air temperature.

The most common question asked is when air temperature and dew point is equal, will it snow or rain?

The answer is no, since formation of rain is a lot more complicated than having an equal dew point temperature and air temperature. Plus, rains come from the skies and so, even if the air in the surface is saturated; this does not produce saturated air. Clouds have to develop in order for rains to develop, and the clouds form in a more complex manner.

Use of dew point

Some meteorologist especially those who go on television to broadcast the present weather systems or conditions use dew point to stress the humidity or the moisture found in the air.

Dew point is used to discuss the humidity since a higher dew point temperature also means higher humidity. Both dew point and relative humidity may tackle the air moisture, but they also have their differences.

Dew point, after all, is considered to be a better measurement of air moisture as it provides an absolute measure of the amount of moisture in the air. Relative humidity, on the other hand, as the term indicates provides only a relative measurement of moisture found in air.

Some experts say that dew points that go beyond 70 Fahrenheit degrees can be uncomfortable for most people while below 55 degrees are needed for extreme weather conditions.

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