What is Declaration of Independence?

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Declaration of Independence refers to the document that established the American political practice through a public pronouncement on 4th July, 1776. It pronounces the important ideas that make the nation of America. As a matter of fact, the Declaration of Independence made known to the world the common decision of all 13 colonies in America to isolate from Great Britain. However, the significance of the Declaration is the announcement of the new foundation of political validity in the authority of the people. The meaning of the Declaration goes beyond details of circumstances and time. This is because the appeal of Americans was not directed to any decree made by man or to a changing spirit. Rather, it was made to the rights that are inherently influenced by all men.

Why the Declaration of Independence is Important

The Declaration of Independence is important because it gave the American people the right to fight against the British for freedom. It provided a list of what the colonies felt was not right for the British to do. Essentially, it added a voice to their grievances as the British had, before the American Revolution, enacted several Acts referred in history as Intolerable Acts. These Acts were the main reason why the American Revolution started because they paved way for the British to have total control of the 13 colonies. The Declaration of Independence served as an avenue for the colonies to inform British colonists their entitlement to several rights that were being violated. It was a way of telling the British that their actions reflected they did not hold that all people are equal or that they have a right to be content. The Declaration prepared the foundation for equality in society that we enjoy today where men and women, and people of all races are treated equal