What is December birthstone?

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December birthstone

The December birthstone is composed of three precious gems: Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise. The assignment of specific birthstones for each month can be traced back to the first Jewish historian Josephus. According to him, there is a strong connection between the twelve months of the year to the stones in Aaron’s breastplate, and the twelve signs of the zodiac. There is no particular reason why each stone happened to be assigned in a certain month. However, since history started people have come to belief that certain luck and fortune is also correlated with these birthstones.

The Tanzanite is a unique stone with a mixture of metallic blue-violet color. It was first discovered in Tanzania in the late 1960s, where its name was coined from. Compared to Sapphire, Tanzania is a little bit cheaper and is often purchased as an alternative adornment in jewelries. Because of its sophisticated features, it has become popular around the world.

Zircon means gold and color. Its name originated from two Arabic words zar and gun. Despite its English translation, Zircon never really comes with gold features. Its most common colors include blue, yellow, orange, brown, and green. Because of its beautiful radiance, it is often used to replicate diamonds in a variety of shapes and designs. According to ancient stories, natives would use Zircon to scare away bad elements and relieve pain. It is also believed to safeguard travelers from any kind of bad luck and disease. Zircon is more popular in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Turquoise was first discovered during the 13th century. Its unique greenish blue color made it easily popular around the world. Aside from its usage in carvings and inlays, it is also used as beads and cabochons. Compared to the first two December birthstones, Turquoise is the least popular but it is one of the most treasured stones in American Southwest.