What is Debugging?

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Debugging is a process of identifying and removing the harmful errors known as bugs. These bugs are mostly found in the program code of computer or in the engineering or designing of the hardware device. A hardware device or a program is debugged following a couple of steps. Firstly, the problem is identified, and it is important to identify the problem in the correct manner because it may cause wastage of time if you fail to identify the accurate problem. Once the problem is identified, the source of the problem is isolated for further processing of its removal. The problem is then fixed once it is isolated through different sources.


Debugging is a very important process which is required for every newly built software or in the developmental process of a hardware device. The process of debugging is quite different for complex software and devices. The first debugging is done when the smallest unit of the system is tested. After this, when the parts of the device are joined together, debugging is done in order to eliminate the harmful bugs from the device or program. The process is again applied when the device is ready to use with other related and existing products. And lastly, debugging is done when the device is handed over to the customer for beta test, when the device is completely used to handle the real world problems. Due to the presence of several lines of codes in the programs and devices, there exists a probability that there will be some bugs inside it creating producing harmful effects for the device. Programmers use many debugging tools which help them to reduce the probability of bugs giving harm to their system. These debugging tools help to identify and eliminate the bugs during different developmental stages of a program or device.

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