What is Cyberspace?

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Cyberspace is the term used to describe the intangible and imaginary virtual realm that enables computer simulations and communications as well as internet activity to happen. Cyberspace is the electronic equivalence of mind space in humans. It is a domain that is characterized by application of electromagnetic spectrum and electronics to exchange modify and store data through networked systems as well as linked physical infrastructures. Cyberspace is a realm where items that are neither representations of physical world not physical but comprising entirely information and data are exchanged and stored. Essentially, cyberspace may be seen as the interaction of people via telecommunication and computers irrespective of their geographical location. The security in the cyberspace then depends largely on the security of ICT and data. Since cyberspace depends so much on telecommunication and informatics to deliver most services and activities, the growing challenge of cybercrime cannot be ignored as this poses a threat to people’s lives, activities as well as government systems.

Security in the Cyberspace

Threats sent through cyber space may be unintentional or due to negligence and vulnerabilities. Such threats may be intentional, for instance, attacks directed at systems with an aim of shutting them down, gaining access to important data, money laundering or disrupting existing records. System attacks may also be aimed at manipulating codes and data to introduce damaging instructions. Attackers in the cyberspace may be crackers, recreational hackers or terrorists. Cybercrimes may be targeted at individuals, business entities, business interests or governments and other public sector interests that rely heavily on online transactions. Such entities include banks, state and energy agencies, businesses, hospitals and social entities. The flow of information across boundaries of varied legal systems that are connected to numerous global networks necessitates protection of personal funds, information and assets. Security in the cyberspace requires building security and confidence in utilization of ICT to ensure that there is trust in the systems by those who use and share information.

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