What is cxx extension?

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CXX extension refers to file extensions associated to C++, a popular object-oriented programming language. When writing a program for example that is based on C++, one will be able to create files that contain the .CXX file extension. These files are typically used as the main source codes of the program a person is creating through the C++ language. As a programming language, C++ is considered generic and object-oriented and has become one of the most popular languages in the field of programming because of its robust features. Using C++, programmers will be able to create high-performance programs that can be made flexible and efficient depending on what is required or desired. The best thing about C++ is that it is compatible across various platforms.

Files that contain the CXX extension can easily be opened using a text editor or the basic Notepad. By opening CXX files, one can see the actual source or programming codes that are written or embedded by the actual programmer. The same source codes may also be seen using other programs or applications that are able to open and handle files with CXX extension. For people using Mac OS computers, Apple Xcode is able to handle and open .CXX files from the C++ programming language. Eclipse IDE can also handle CXX files. For people using Windows-based computers, Microsoft’s Visual Studio can also open files that contain the .CXX extension.

For the tech expert and programming-savvy person, CXX files are basically the same with CPP files. It is said that files containing .CPP files are more common than CXX files. The original source codes of C++ are saved using the .CPP extension or even .C++. The problem lies with .C++ extensions because some programs or applications are not compatible with them and this lead to some programmers to resort to converting .C++ to .CXX file extensions.

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