What is ctfmon.exe?

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Ctfmon.exe is an executable file associated with the Windows operating system. For people who have computers running on Windows, they may notice that this particular file is running in the background. Some may even get annoyed when an error pops out and points to this particular file. This file called ctfmon.exe is the main file that takes care of the “alternative text input” feature of Microsoft Office which is often pre-installed on computers running on Windows. This same file is also activated for the Office language bar in Windows.

In Windows’ Alternative User Input, computer users may prefer to command their computers using speech or a pen tablet for example instead of the usual keys in the standard keyboard. When this feature is being used, ctfmon.exe will be activated to run in the background to allow Windows or Microsoft Office to process the command. There are also computers with applications that can handle handwriting as the main commands. A user simply writes something on the designated part of the screen and ctfmon.exe will try to interpret this particular command. The same file is also activated for the Language bar feature. If a person wants to have a word or phrase translated to another language for example, he/she is actually activating ctfmon.exe to process this particular command and provide the actual translation.

For people who do not use “alternative” ways to input their commands and for those who do not use the Language bar for translations, it is perfectly safe for them to disable ctfmon.exe to save up some computer memory. There are cases that this particular file may consume so much computer memory that it causes some errors or even crashes. Depending on the Windows operating system version, some steps may vary in disabling ctfmon.exe under the Control Panel setup link. This particular file may also be temporarily stopped using Task Manager.

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