What is Crimson Tide?

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Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide is the phrase invented to define the dazzling defense put up by University of Alabama’s football team against Auburn in a football match played in 1907. The phrase, coined by Hugh Robert, a reporter for ‘Birmingham Age-Herald’ stuck and till today, University of Alabama football team’s nickname. Before being referred to as the Crimson Tide, names such as Thin Red Line and Crimson White were used on the team. According to Hugh Robert, the football team seemed like a crimson tide playing in a field full of mud sustaining a 6-6 score against it rivals. Geographically, the soil in the Southern part is clay with an orange-red in shade. The shade intensifies to a reddish shade during the rains. In addition, University of Alabama uses colors white and crimson. These are the factors that influenced the coining of the phrase, Crimson Tide by Hugh Robert. The intensity of the competition between Auburn and University of Alabama was so high such that the 1907 match where Auburn was anticipated to win, and from which Alabama got its popular name was the last for the two rivals until 1948. To date, the Auburn Alabama match is highly anticipated by fans.

The ‘Role Tide’ Catchphrase

Roll tide is a highly used slogan, it is everywhere yet it means little for those who did not participate in the Tuscaloosa powerhouse. For many football fans outside Alabama, the question is what ‘Roll Tide’ stands for or means. Roll tide became the official chant for the Crimson tide. During the football season, fans in Alabama great each other with this catchphrase. The slogan ‘Roll Tide’ is a way of encouraging the Crimson Tide team as they play. It basically means keep fighting, don’t give up, fight on, never surrender, or never give up.

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