What is criminology?

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Criminology pertains to the study of criminals and their behavior as well as the response of the society to criminality.

Criminology deals with the various theories of crimes, the law enforcement aspect in response to the commitment of a crime and the society’s attitude towards criminal activities, among others.

Criminology is also offered as a course in colleges and universities and is often taken by those who would want to join law enforcement agencies in the future.

Criminology explained

There is a need to study criminology given that the human behavior is complicated. This academic field also analyzes the reasons for the commitment of a crime which involves understanding the psychology of a person as well as the economic situation of the society.

The study of criminology is not limited to studying the criminal laws of the land and the crime rates. In fact, those who are studying criminology will also have to deal with multiple disciplines that include public health, social work, sociology, economics and psychology, to name a few.

A criminologist or a person who studies criminology provides an outline or framework about criminal offenders, crime and the institutions that deal with the offenders.

College or universities that offer this academic study vary in their curriculum. Criminal laws also differ from one place to another. And as such those that offer this course make it a point to equip students with the knowledge about the local criminal laws, local economics and public welfare situation.

In addition, those who study this field can later go on to join law enforcement agencies, the academe, the law profession or public governance. There are plenty of jobs for individuals who have taken criminology as their course in college.

These job opportunities can be found in the government institutions as well as in the private sector.

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