What is Cottonmouth?

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Cottonmouth is a condition where one experiences dryness in the mouth. Cottonmouth is also referred to as pasties and happens when there is no saliva in the throat or mouth area. Although often considered a minor condition, cottonmouth can be very uncomfortable for anyone suffering from chronic or mild mouth dryness. Most cottonmouth signs are incapacitation in different ways distracting patients from their day to day activities that are often overlooked. Saliva generated by salivary glands comprises 98% water. It also has enzymes, mucus, anti-bacterial elements and electrolytes. Saliva plays an important role in lubricating and protecting the teeth, tongue and mouth tissues. It also starts off the digestion process by breaking food down thereby preventing cavities from developing on teeth. Insufficient levels of saliva causes bad breath, difficulty in eating and speaking, growth of cavities and discomfort.

Causes of CottonMouth

Cottonmouth is caused by various factors. These include age, medical conditions, surgery, lifestyle and drugs. Some cottonmouth conditions can be corrected easily with changes in lifestyle. Others that are as a result of medical drugs or illnesses are difficult to change. Identifying the root cause of cottonmouth can be challenging in some case. However, taking the trouble to identify the root cause can be valuable in treating cottonmouth symptoms. Lifestyle causes include smoking, taking alcohol, tobacco chewing and taking caffeine products. Medical conditions such as HIV/AIDs, Anemia, Mumps, Cystic Fibroids, Stoke and Diabetes can cause cottonmouth. Other causes of cottonmouth include injury to throat or mouth and trauma that damage salivary glands permanently. Damage to nerves in the head or neck can also affect salivary glands leading to production of less saliva. There are surgical procedures that risk causing damage to salivary glands. Such surgeries can reduce the amount of saliva produced leading to cottonmouth disease.

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