What Is Community?

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What Is Community?
Basically, community is a group of people living harmoniously together. They help each other in their endeavors and are there to support the causes of one another. This might be seemingly idealistic, but this is how community is supposed to mean. This is why it is termed as community because it came from the root word ‘commune’. This means for everyone or for the entire group. It is something that is shared by everyone.

With how communities are seen these days, it is not always on the positive side. There are a lot of areas that are still considered communities, but do not necessarily deserve for such a term. With the basic meaning of community, there must be no such thing as a bad community or a negative community. If it does not fall under the given definition, then it must not be consider a community at all. It is just a group of people or things that live near each other. Only when they start to interact and live harmoniously can they be called a community.

In a religious point of view, community would refer to the group, big or small, that works hand in hand for living out the Word. In Science, community might mean different sets of organisms living together. In politics, it can refer to the one of the smallest groups in the society next to family.

Every community has its own definition. In fact, the meaning of community that people grew up with has already changed. These days, it can be defined in many different ways. Yet, through the years, there is only one thing for sure when it comes to the definition of community. It is the fact that ‘one’ will never be equal to a community! As the saying goes, no man is an island, and so is a community.

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