What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a technique used in psychotherapy to address certain emotional dysfunctions. It is also known as a systematic procedure used in helping people recover from extreme emotional stress and maladaptive behaviors. Other medical terms are also used to refer to cognitive behavioral therapy such as self-instructions or motivational self-talk. It is also used interchangeably with biofeedback or adaptive coping.

The process of cognitive behavioral therapy basically focuses on talking about how the way of thinking and daily activities can affect people in many ways. Unlike other types of psycho treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on current problems of a person. Rather than dwelling on the causes of stress, it deals with mind conditioning and helping an individual change his or her state of mind. It breaks big problems into simple pieces of thoughts to allow a person to slowly internalize each of them. When problems are broken into pieces, it becomes easier for the patient to accept it and eventually find a solution for it.

Cognitive behavioral therapy basically has six phases. These include psychological assessment, reconceptualization, acquisition of skills, and consolidation of skills, maintenance, and follow-up assessment. Within the training period, the assigned psychiatrist or psychologist will trace the connection of problems towards a person’s situation, way of thinking, emotions, physical feelings, and actions. Modern forms of CBT may also include exposure therapy.

Some of the main psychological problems that cognitive behavioral therapy may be applicable are depression, panic and phobias, bulimia, anxiety, and depression. It also treats obsessive compulsive disorder s among kids, post-traumatic stress disorders, and psychosis. People who have problems in controlling their temper may also undergo a CBT to help them cope with it. Cognitive behavioral therapy also helps in addressing issues of having low self esteem, physical health, pain and fatigue.

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