What is cocktail attire for men?

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Cocktail attire for men often refers to darks suit or sports coat with slack. Cocktail attire for men is, usually, close to semi-formal attire since it is can be less than the formal ones, but should not be too casual.

Cocktail attire for men often varies depending on the location and the nature of the event. What is important is that men look sharp and that the attire fits them properly.

Attire for men

In most cases, men should wear a dark suit and a pair of pants that are properly pressed or sports coat over a crisp shirt combined with well-pressed pants plus tie when asked to come in cocktail attire. But this also depends on the occasion and venue of the event.

It is highly recommended that men bring both a formal jacket and tie just in case the occasion is more formal than expected. Men may also opt to wear a sweater underneath their coat or jackets. A turtle top sweater may also be suitable for cocktail wear paired with slacks.

Cocktail attire for men can be less casual as men can wear jeans paired with a dark blazer or even sports coats. The jeans however must be in dark color and should not have holes or other distracting objects or prints on them.

Men are, usually, asked to come in cocktail attire for special events such as celebrations or weddings.

As for shoes, it is highly recommended that men wear lace-up dress shoes. Professional-looking loafers are also acceptable. Men should only wear a pair of shoes that are polished.

Cocktail attire is, usually, worn for dinner parties of happy hour occasions and as such, men may want to take this in consideration when dressing up. Men may want to choose more comfortable but compliant attire if the event lasts for hours.

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