What is Chilli Sause?

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Chilli Sause

Chilli sauce refers to a condiment that spices food giving it an incredible flavor. Chilli sauce may be used on a wide variety of dishes ranging from Western to Asian recipes. It also serves as a great dip for all types of finger dishes besides serving as a condiment, similar to pepper and salt, that adds spice to food. It may also serve as a cooking ingredient to substitute dry or fresh chilli. In many Asian countries and in Central America and Mexico, setting of dinner tables is never complete without a jar of bottle of spicy hot chilli sauce. Ingredients contained in chilli vary depending on the type of chilli sauce bought or made at home. However, the variance is not that big.

Simple Steps for Making Chillie Sauce

There are different ways of making chilli sauce. For instance, the main ingredient used to make chilli sauce in Mexico is the Mexican hot chillies. The chillies may be green or red and are first dried then simmered in vinegar and in other times, tomato. On the other hand, Louisiana chilli sauce is prepared using mature green or red chillies smoldered with vinegar and sugar or salt. The process of making Asian chilli sauce is a bit different and complicated than the rest. Usually this chillie is made from the hot red Asian chillies. The bird’s eye red chillies from Thailand are commonly used. The chillies are first roasted. They are then put in a blending machine and blended to produce a paste. The paste is them smoldered with fried garlic and shallots, sugar, shrimp paste and soy or fish sauce. Some people prefer oil-based chilli sauces. The process of making oil-based sauce is similar only that more ingredients are added. These are palm, soybean and any type of oil.

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