What is ceviche?

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Ceviche is a popular dish made of raw seafood that is marinated in lemon or lime. Countries in the Latin American region have their own different versions of ceviche with varying additions like vegetables and spices. Traditional ceviche preparation across different countries involve the use of raw fish and/or other seafood items like shrimps and squids which are dipped or marinated in a citrus-based sauce. Lemons and limes are the most commonly used but alternatives include oranges and similar fruits. Some ceviche preparations are also added with chilli peppers, salt, or coriander for extra seasoning. Some people also put onions and other vegetables in the mix.

The acidity provided by the citrus juice is what ‘cooks’ the raw seafood items like fish and shrimps. The additional spices and vegetables provide the unique flavor of this Latin American dish. It is believed that ceviche originated from Peru and spread to nearby countries across Latin and South America. It has also reached as far north as Mexico who also has their won version of ceviche. In present times, this dish is not only popular in Central and South America, but also in parts of the US and other countries.

Many people like to have ceviche as an appetizer because it is served cold. The citrusy flavor of ceviche is considered a great starter for any meal across Latin America. With its high-protein content, some people also eat ceviche as the main course. Any type of seafood can be used to make this dish. Fish such as snapper and sea bass may be used along with scallops, shrimps, and even octopus. The citrus marinade may also be added with extra flavoring from spices like chilli pepper, onions, and coriander. Some versions of ceviche even have potatoes included in the dish along with tomato-based sauces. The only concern with ceviche is that the main ingredients are all raw and that marinating with the citrus juice must be given enough time to make the dish safe for eating.