What is Cenegenics?

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Cenegenics is a healthy-aging program designed to help individuals preserve their young-looking image. Developed in 1997, it is aimed at using proactive approach to combat early signs of aging and avoid age-related diseases. It enhances both physical and sexual attributes of individuals. For instance, a person who enrolls in cenegenics can increase muscle tone, sharpen perception, and diminish excess body fat. It also aims to help mitigate some major health problems like cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and diabetes.

Cenegenics also includes hormone therapy. Using some aging treatments, it controls the production of hormones in the body to suppress their negative effects like mood swings and obesity. It also includes low glycemic diet, exercise, and taking prescribed health supplements. It also covers proper consumption of food and vitamins, limitation on calorie intake, and proper exercise. The program can vary from a case to case basis. A person may choose to enroll through an online course or visit a cenegenics facility. Once committed, a person becomes a part of a comprehensive program.

Cenegenics is expensive. Its initial examination can range from $3,000 to $5,000, which may include laboratory tests, blood tests, and advance lipid panel. The initial examination is important to assess whether a person is fit for cenegenics. As part of the program, patients can also receive notebooks, educational materials, diet books, and supplements handbook. The program may last a year and more fees can accrue throughout the program. If not taken properly, cenegenics can cause detrimental effects to health such as inflammation, increase blood pressure, and headache. Individuals with heart disease may need a doctor’s approval prior to enrolling cenegenics.

Cenegenics is basically inspired by the alarming mortality rate in the United States due to heart disease, cancers, and diabetes. There is no age limit as to who can enroll with the program, except for young children.

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