What is cement made of?

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Cement is composed of natural materials like clay, limestone, shale and sand. It is a soft, fine powdery-type substance. A concrete is formed when cement is mixed with water, gravel and sand.

There are four essential elements needed to produce cement. These are Silicon, Aluminum, Iron and Calcium.

Calcium is the primary ingredient to make cement, and it can be found in limestone. Silicon, on the other hand, are taken from sand and/or clay. Only small amounts of aluminum and iron are needed to make cements.

The color of cement is usually gray. There is also white cement, but they cost more than the gray ones.

Uses of cement

Cement is used to make various materials such as concrete, cement plaster and mortar.

Cement, sand, gravel and water when mixed together will form the concrete. While a cement plaster is made from cement, sand and water.

Mortar is a mixture of cement, lime, sand and water.

Cement should be kept in a dry storage or area since it will become a hard lump when it is damp or when it gets wet.

How to make cement

Limestone is the primary ingredient needed to produce a cement. Limestone is obtained from a quarry and eventually transported to a cement factor. The limestone is placed into a crusher and quashed into marble-size.

The quashed limestone is placed in a blender and mixed with other raw materials such as clay and sand. There is a right proportion needed in order to produce cement.

The limestone along with the other raw materials undergoes grinding until the mixture has turned into powder. The mixture then undergoes “sintering”, a process where materials are heated without melting.

The mixture then is cooled off and undergoes grinding until they become fine gray powder and is ready for distribution.

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