What is CBU tile?

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CBU tiles refer to “cement board underlayment” tiles that are commonly used as underlayment before the actual tiles. CBU tiles are said to provide the best adhesion and promotes a flat surface for better tile strength and durability. Instead of using basic cement or other materials as underlayment, CBU tiles are considered to provide the most durability and great adhesion. When regular cement is used, the actual tiles in bathroom floors for example may not last as long or may easily get chipped or cracked because of uneven surfaces. With CBU tiles, a smooth and flat layer is put in place before the actual bathroom tiles are installed. In this way, the bathroom tiles will have a smooth and sturdy base that will help provide extra durability and strength. CBU tiles are also known to be moisture-resistant making it an ideal underlayment for bathroom tile floors, bath tubs, and shower walls. The problem with other underlayment materials is that they can absorb moisture over time and may cause them to break apart causing an uneven base for the tiles.

CBU tiles are made of cement, sand, and glass mesh. The sand and glass mesh provide the extra adhesion to the cement base making CBU tiles highly durable and effective. Using CBU tiles also makes it easier to apply and install compared to basic concrete underlayment. CBU tiles are available in various sizes depending on people’s needs making a convenient choice. CBU tiles are also thin enough to not become a concern in terms of floor height. Standard methods may become a problem when there are height or floor elevation concerns. With its moisture-resistant properties, more and more people are also using CBU tiles for outdoor tiling jobs like counters and skirt walls. With no moisture concern, people also need not worry about possible mold growth and build-up in commonly wet areas like sinks and bathroom floors.

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