What is Bullying?

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Bullying refers to the act of hurting or scaring another person intentionally. The person who experiences bullying usually finds it difficult to defend him or herself. Most children are aware of what bullying is since they witness is each day. Bullying is intended to make the other person to feel uncomfortable and afraid. There are different ways through which children bully others. Such include shoving, punching or other actions that hurt the person physically, spreading negative rumors, trying others in a mean way, mobilizing certain persons to gang up against others, and kicking certain individuals out of the group.

Different Forms of Bullying

There are different forms of bullying. These include verbal bullying that is characterized by name calling, teasing, sarcasm, spreading rumors, referring to one’s ethnicity, culture, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation in a negative way and as well as threatening others. Bullying can also be socially inclined where it involves exclusion of certain individuals from a group, mobbing, public humiliation, drawing graffiti with the intention of putting others down and scapegoating. In some instances, bullying is physical and involves poking, hitting, pinching, shoving, chasing, coercing, sexual touching belonging and stealing or destroying. The other form of bullying is takes place in the cyber space and involves the use of text messaging or internet to spread rumors, intimidate or make fun of another person.

How Bullying Affects Children

Bullying annoys a person and can cause children to feel frightened, unhappy and lonely. It can also cause them to feel insecure thinking that something about them is wrong. Bullying can lead to loss of confidence in children and they may lose the desire to attend school. In very severe cases, bullying can make children to fall sick. Though there are people who view bullying as a way of getting children to learn how to stand up for themselves, it can have long term psychological and physical effects on the child.

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