What is Buddhism?

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Buddhism is both a religion and a way of life for some 300 million people spread across the world. Buddhism comes from the term “budhi” which means “to awaken”. The origins of this religion can be traced to some 2,500 years back when Buddha or Siddhartha Gotama received enlightenment when he was 35 years old.

Buddhism explained

Many people also see Buddhism as a philosophy. A Buddhist’s path can be summarized in three things.

First, an individual must lead his or her life morally. Second, a person should be mindful and be aware of his or her thoughts as well as actions. And the third is, one must seek to develop both understanding and wisdom.

Many people find solace in embracing Buddhism because it can help understand the inequalities and the injustices taking place in this world. It is a path that leads to finding the real or true happiness.

Buddhism is prevalent in the eastern countries like in Thailand. But it is also popular among those who live in western nations for a variety of reasons.

Buddhism, for one, provides answers to questions about the modern and materialistic dictates of the society as a whole. It also helps a person have a deeper understanding about how the human mind works including natural therapies which some medical practitioners now recommend to their patients.

The Buddha

It is common for people to ask who Buddha is. Buddha is Siddhartha Gotama, who belonged to a royal family from Lumbini, which is found in Nepal around 563 BC. When he was 29 years old, he discovered that both luxury and wealth do not provide happiness. He traveled and studied a variety of teachings of philosophy and religion in order to find the path to happiness.

After six years of travelling and exploring, he discovered the middle path and achieved enlightenment.

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