What is Brie?

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Brie refers to the most popular type of French cheese and is considered as “The Queen of Cheeses.” It is a type of soft cheese, which got its name from its place of origin Brie—a French region. The type of Brie cheese, which was being exported to the United States is so much different from the Brie that can be found in France.

Aside from being unstabilized, the flavor of the original type of French Brie is more complex once the surface of the cheese becomes a little brown in color. On the other hand, the cheese is considered to be not yet matured when it still has a pure white color. Once the real French Brie is sliced prior to the process of maturing, the cheese will not be able to develop properly and reach maturity. The ones which are exported to the US or other countries have already been stabilized and will no longer mature. This type of Brie is less prone to being infected by different kinds of bacteria, and does not spoil easily compared to the unstabilized type of French Brie.

Brie is created with the use of cow’s milk that is whole or semi-skimmed. The raw milk is added with rennet and then subjected to heat. By heating the solution under a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, curd will form and will be obtained. After that, layers of cheese will be placed into molds, which will then be kept for about 18 hours. Once done, the resulting cheese will be salted and will be allowed to age for a minimum time period of about a month.

This type of cheese has a pale color and contains a slightly gray color on the outer part. The flavor of Brie largely depends on the types of ingredients that are added during the production process of the cheese. This French cheese is considered as one of the best kinds of cheese eaten for dessert, and typically comes in the form of a 1 kg or 2 kg wheel with a wooden box as package.

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