What is Bovine colostrums?

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Bovine colostrum is the fluid produced by the mammary glands of a cow before milking. Bovine colostrum is produced within the first two to four days after the cow has given birth. It is a beneficial fluid as it can provide nutrients, growth and immune factors to the infant.

Bovine colostrum is traditionally used for oral health, eye conditions as well as infections of the respiratory tract. It can also be utilized to enhance the exercise performance and aid in the healing of gastrointestinal injuries caused by bowel diseases, for example.

Hyperimmune bovine colostrum is being distributed commercially. There are many researches that indicate that it is beneficial for curing bacterial and virus infections, as well as deficiencies in the immune system.

Other uses of Bovine colostrum

There have been many researches about the use of Bovine colostrums. Below are the medical conditions in which Bovine colostrums can help. But these are just from researches and patients should seek the opinion of a qualified health care provider prior to using Bovine colostrums for the following diseases.

There are some studies that show that Bovine colostrum can be used to help improve the gastrointestinal conditions, but there should be more studies about this usage.

Some studies revealed that Bovine colostrum can stop certain bacteria from adhesion along the intestinal cells. This is needed to help in treating patients who are suffering from diarrhea.

Those who perform rigid exercises can also use Bovine colostrums to improve their physical condition according to some research.

It is said that bovine colostrum also has antibodies or immunoglobulins that are brought to the bloodstream to fight off infections. As such, these antibodies can help in the improvement in the functions of the immune system.

Some research also shows that Bovine colostrums can help in the treatment of sore throat.

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