What is BMP?

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Basic Metabolic Panel

BMP is an acronym for Basic Metabolic Panel. It is a kind of blood test done to inform a doctor on the functionality of one’s body. This test is normally done as a routine medical examination or for patients admitted on an emergency basis. BMP is done by testing blood samples to determine the level of glucose and calcium in blood, functionality of kidneys, blood urea nitrogen (body waste), carbon dioxide and electrolytes (chloride).

Purpose of Basic Metabolic Panel

Doctors perform BMP to determine whether a patient has a seriously problem with blood sugar levels, blood purification, electrolyte levels and acidity balance in the blood. This can aid in uncovering problems in kidneys, lung, heart and pancreas or insulin absorption. More tests could be done if any of the indicators are abnormal. The advantage of the test is that many tests could be done with only one blood sample.

Preparation and Procedure of BMP

One is not supposed to take any meal 12 hours prior to drawing of blood samples, only water is allowed. However, patients on drugs should not stop taking medication unless advised by a doctor. Blood sample is acquired by inserting a needle into a vein especially on the arm. A small amount of blood is drawn through the needle into a tube and taken for a laboratory test. A slight pinching sensation or moderate pain might be felt after blood is drawn and sore sensation could also be felt after the needle has been removed from the blood drawing site. A bandage is used to apply pressure where the needle entered the skin and remains there for 10 to 20 minutes to halt any bleeding. One is advised not to use the arm to carry or lift heavy materials for the rest of the day.

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