What is BLS certification?

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BLS stands for Basic Life Support and it refers to the initial medical support given to a person in an emergency in the absence of medical personnel or help. A person who wishes to become a medical first-responder or an emergency medical technician for example will have to get BLS certification in order to provide help to those who may need it. BLS is typically given in emergencies wherein the victim/s may have life-threatening injuries like those who drowned or those who got involved in accidents.

For people who want to get BLS certification, they must first undergo BLS training and take the appropriate exam. Training may vary from one country to another but most BLS courses include sections on CPR or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and on the effective use of devices such as an external fibrillator. Some jurisdictions also incorporate BLS training to CPR training but in most cases, CPR is only part of Basic Life Support Training. People taking BLS courses may also need to undergo sessions involving first-aid techniques for the management of wounds and fractures, and training for the proper response in choking or drowning incidents. The most fundamental part of BLS training relies on three key areas of support and these are breathing, airway, and circulation. The goal of BLS is to maintain or improve all these three support areas for all victims.

After BLS training, certification can only be achieved through a written exam and a skills test. There are some countries that allow people to take the written exam online. All test-takers are still required to demonstrate their skills on BLS through a skills test. In the healthcare profession, BLS certification is basically required for paramedics, and emergency medical technicians. There are also instances wherein other medical personnel like nurses are also required to get BLS-certified. People without medical background may also get BLS certification by undergoing training and passing the exam and skills test.

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