What is Bing?

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Bing is a live search engine, formerly known as Live Search, MSN Search, and Windows Live Search. It was first introduced by the chief executive officer (CEO) of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer during the San Diego “All Things Digital” event. Released on June 1, 2009 the primary goal of Bing is to help people filter search into more specific targets to minimize time spent in researching sources. It utilizes user set up via Internet Explorer with Bing Toolbar.

Microsoft often refers to Bing as the “Decision Engine” because it arranges results according to the user’s preference. For instance, the SERP page settings on the left hand corner of the website allow users to see a list of related searches. In this way, there no need to type the entire sentence or name when browsing through resources. The history tab on the upper part of the website allows users to check on previously viewed pages.

Bing is a little bit lower in performance compared to Google. Its inability to index some website is also one of its disadvantages. Despite close-flight competition with Yahoo and Google, many users use Bing for its wide array of features. These include easy user interface, media settings, instant answers, and local information. Recently it allows integration to different social media such as Hotmail, Facebook, and Windows 8. Since it is already integrated with Apple as well, users can also browse Bing via their iOS. What makes Bing unique is that it uses the Powerset Technology. Other important features of Bing include pop-up windows, which direct users to suggested searches. Bing is also very advantageous to travel searches.

Bing can be set as default search engine by following simple prompts. The best way to do it is to visit Bing’s official website and download is set-up package. Once it is done, users need to click on execute and allow it to install.

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