What is bae?

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Bae refers to a slang term for “baby” or “honey”. Instead of saying “Let us go honey”, a person can say “Let us go bae”. Bae is considered a recent addition to many slang terms that has become popular in the so-called pop scene. With its usage in sentences, the term “bae” is also considered a slang term of endearment much like the term “boo” which can be also be an alternate term for “girlfriend”. Bae can also be used to describe somebody a person loves like a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or crush. “I love you bae” is a popular phrase in recent times because it adds a new twist or sound to the more generic “I love you baby” or “I love you sweetie” phrase.

The term “bae” is said to have been popularized by various music artists that released songs that contain this term in their lyrics. Pharrell is a popular singer/producer in the US and one of his recent songs is entitled “Come and Get It Bae”. Pharrell also performed this same song at an awards show back in July 17, 2014 and pushed the popularity of the word “bae” to “trending” status. This term was also tagged to other artists like Miley Cyrus and power-couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. Their songs lyrics and posts on social networking sites contain the word “bae” referring to the word as terms of endearment. With the word “bae” associated to popular celebrities, many people have begun searching for this term and used it in their own posts and shoutouts. The recent usage of bae as a term of endearment in social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has made this word a “trending” or extremely popular in pop culture.

Many rap and hip-hop artist were also attributed to have used bae back in the early 2000. Song lyrics back then used the term bae as a slang alternative for other terms of endearment like baby or sweetheart for example. Back then, bae was somewhat dismissed as just another slang word. Today bae has become a “trending” word in social media.

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