What is AVG?

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AVG refers to a brand of anti-virus software from AVG Technologies.  Its products specialized on Internet security and anti-malware features and can be installed across different platforms and operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.  AVG anti-virus software is also available for the Android platform.  Aside from desktop and mobile end-user devices, the AVG family of software products also has a special range for computer and network servers.

AVG literally stands for Anti-Virus Guard and was first launched back in 1992.  From then on, the AVG brand has grown to become a family or suite of various Internet security software products that have free and paid versions.  Basic features of AVG anti-virus and internet security products feature scheduled scanning of hard disks for potential malware and scanning of internet-related activities like emails and sites visited.  Standard repair and quarantine options are also featured by many AVG software products.  One feature of AVG that is applicable for online users is the AVG Secure Search.  This feature basically gives protection in terms of surfing the web in a secure and private manner.  Not all people are fans the supposed security features of AVG Secure Search.  This is because some people are annoyed by the feature’s toolbar modifications.  Searches over the internet are also made complicated and annoying because of the altered search results because of the AVG software.  Some people even liken AVG’s Secure Search feature as a browser hijacker because many have experienced being redirected to different sites when using the AVG Safe Search toolbar.

For people who are concerned about their browsing experience, many have been advised to have the AVG software totally removed. Some experts also suspect that some files associated with the AVG software may actually compromise the overall online experience because of the stringent features of the anti-virus and internet security product.  For those willing to try AVG, trial and free versions are also available for testing.