What is Audacity?

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Audacity is one of the most popular audio editor as well as recording software that do also happen to be multilingual. Since it is an open source software, it is available in a number of different versions. Anything even slightly related to recording or editing audio files can be formed conveniently using Audacity. The user friendly nature of the software ensures that no additional or particular skills are required in order to make use of the software in an appropriate fashion. One of the most enticing features of Audacity is its multi-platform compatibility and is current compatible not only with the windows operating system but also with other popular operating systems such as Mac, Linux etc.


No matter if you are looking for making ringtones, or transferring your favorite music tapes to a CD or a computer system, Audacity is going to be at your disposal. Mixing stereo tracks, splitting tracks into separate ones have never been this easy as it has been made by this incredible software. The tutorials which are included in the package enable an ordinary individual to make use of the software in an appropriate fashion and learn as to how to perform the aforementioned tasks using the software.

According to the law of general public licensing, it is perfectly legal for the vendors to give away the software with their specific product for absolutely no cost or distribute the copies of the software as much as they would like in order to increase the sales of the products that they have to offer. This is what makes Audacity an extremely popular choice not only among the ordinary customers, but also among the vendors as well since it won’t be wrong to state that Audacity is a complete pack if you are looking to for audio editing or recording.

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