What is Aruba?

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What is Aruba?
Aruba or Aruba Networks is a company that provides wireless networking and business software products and services. Its main clients include those from government offices, schools, and various businesses. Though much of its business is in the US, Aruba also caters to many clients around the world. It has its corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, and holds offices in New York, Canada, India, Japan, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

Aruba offers a wide variety of products from networking hardware to software. For wireless networking needs, they offer Mobility Controllers which are suitable for wireless LAN in schools and offices with remote networking capabilities. These products also offer high security and scalability making it easy to implement from a large office or campus setup to smaller branches. Its flagship product for this category is the Aruba 6000 which allows for 10GB ethernet connections.

Aruba Networks also have their own operating system software which is built-in in all Mobility Controlling devices. This software is said to optimize WiFi connections and improve its reliability. It also allows for remote computer access through its Virtual Intranet Access feature. Remote network connections are also enhanced with the availability of Remote Access Points (RAPs) products for a truly virtual branch network. With this setup, all tinkering and configurations are centralized so management of remote computers become easy and efficient. Intensive networking services are also processed through cloud computing which leads to improved efficiency and performance without added costs.

To compliment all their products, Aruba has setup a support center which is available any time and any day of the week. They also have partners in key locations around the world for deployment of products and services and for assistance and consultation. The company also offers technical education to would-be IT technicians and experts. For Access Point enterprise level products, the company offers a lifetime warranty.

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