What is Art Deco?

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Art Deco

Art Deco or “style moderne” is a movement in the field of architecture and decorative arts that started way back 1920s. It was developed to be a major style in the United States of America and the western part of Europe in1930s. The name Art Deco is derived from the “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes”. The innovations of Art Deco was exhibited and held first in Paris in 1925. The designs represented modernization of fashion and the products included are mass-produced and luxury wares by talented designers. Its main objective is to create an elegant, sleek and anti-traditional wares that symbolizes social status and individual sophistication. The new style of Art Deco features distinguishable designs that are simple, clean shaped and with a “streamlined” look. Also, it has an ornament of geometric style and used expensive materials which includes man-made substance such as bakelite, vita-glass, plastics and ferroconcrete. They also add natural ones such as chrome, ivory, silver, obsidian and jade.

Art Deco responded to the needs of human, particularly, giving pleasures unlike its functionalistic sibling, Modernism. Art Deco reflects the plurality of contemporary worlds. This movement also succeeds in creating a style of permanence and it is also adaptable to the reign of the imagination, desires, fantasies and fears of the people around the world.

Designers crafted a modern style by infusing jaded traditions and brought a new life of creation in a modern world. Art Deco was typically based on a revitalized concept of decorative language. To make it possible, they had to borrow styles from historic European styles. The formidable exotic themes and vagrant rich colors came from Ballets Russes and they also added more distant cultures from the arts of East Asia and Africa which provides rich source of materials and urban image of the machine age.

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