What is Ariba?

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What is Ariba?

Ariba is a software company in the US involved in providing online procurement services for companies in various industries. Founded in 1996, Ariba is considered one of the pioneers in internet business to business transactions. Through Ariba’s software technology, companies are basically given an easier way to purchase things over the internet.

In the past, the purchasing activities of various companies are said to be paper-based and labor-intensive.  Literally, one has to go through a stock-pile of catalogs and inquire from various sources to start the purchasing process.  But with the Ariba software solution in place, companies will just go online and browse through thousands of catalogs from affiliate and chosen suppliers.  Once the items are chosen, the Ariba software also provides the user interface for easy ordering and/or communication with the supplier chosen.

Another great thing about Ariba software solutions is that it also covers all the documentation involved in doing business with a supplier for example.  After products are chosen, the system will automatically generate a purchase order and deliver it to the supplier chosen.  Requestors will also get notifications of their purchase to update them from the start of the request up to the date of delivery.  Companies may also customize the ordering and purchasing process with corresponding approval setups based on actual company policies.  In this way, the online purchasing requirements of companies are able to adhere to existing company guidelines.  With the Ariba software solution, companies will also be able to track purchases from the request stage up to the payment and delivery stages.

With the online purchasing solution provided by Ariba, companies are able to save time and effort for their spending and purchase management needs.  With Ariba’s network of suppliers, companies are also given a wide array of choices for the items they need for their businesses.


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