What is Area 51?

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Area 51 refers to a military air base located in Nevada, USA.  The base’s official name is the Nevada Test and Training Range and Groom Lake based on CIA documents.  What people know about Area 51 is very limited because of the strict secrecy of the activities that are done inside the base.  Most people across the US only knew about this facility in recent years and that the base is the site for testing of various top secret and classified weapons and equipment for the US military.

Ever since the 1950s, stories and theories regarding Area 51 have circulated in the US and the rest of the world.  Many have claimed that the strict security involved in Area 51 and its very remote location was purposely done by the government to block any information that comes out from the facility.  Area 51 is said to be the facility wherein UFO’s or unidentified flying objects are stored and studied. There were also stories of Area 51 being a top-secret military base wherein new weapons and machinery were being created and tested.  All these stories and speculation have led to many people sensationalizing the military base as some alien-life or UFO hangar or facility.  With so much fascination and speculation about the facility, the US military through the CIA eventually made a public declaration about Area 51 back in 2005.  Back then, the US government basically acknowledged that Area 51 does exist and it is declared as a military site for testing new aircraft, weapons, and machinery.

Aside from the official declaration of the CIA, there isn’t much being talked about with regards to Area 51.  All activities involving the military testing done on the site are considered secrete and highly classified.  All personnel that work in Area 51 are said to be sworn to secrecy because of the sensitivity of the facility’s activities.  With regards to the UFO claims, the US government has denied any links to alien life or UFOs being housed under the facility.


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