What is Apex?

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Apex refers to powerfully typed programming code that enables program designers to complete flow and transaction regulation statements on a server platform called Force.com as well as calls directed to Force.com API. Through the use of syntax similar to Java and behaving almost like the procedures of a database, Apex allows developers to make additions of business logic to many events in a system. Such events include button clicks, relevant updates to records and pages on Visual Force Some java phrases that are used in Apex include the expression and variable syntax, the conditional and block statement syntax, array notation and object syntax and the loop syntax. In some situations, Apex may bring in new elements. In such cases, Apex utilizes semantics and syntax that are easily understood and encourages efficient utilization of Force.com platform. In addition, codes that are generated by Apex are both simple to write and succinct. Apex codes may be started off through requests on web services and triggers on certain objects. Apex may be added to different events within a system.

What Apex is Used for

As a development platform, Apex is an important tool for creating software as a service application. It helps in developing functionalities that aid in the management of customer relationships. Through Apex, developers are able to access such functionalities from the back end database as well as interfaces in client servers. This access enables developers to generate third party software as a service application. Apex contains an interface for application program that designers use to gain access to user data on the software as a service application. Using this interface, developers can use popular software as a service application components such as multi-tenant databases and web widgets without having to set up infrastructure associated to back end software as a service programs.

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