What is Apache Tomcat?

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Apache Tomcat is an open software developed by the ASF or Apache Software Foundation. This software is basically designed to handle the web-serving features of JavaServer Pages. It also allows integration of servlets through Java Servlet technology. The best feature of Apache Tomcat is its being open-source which allows developers and programmers to get the code to suit their own specifications and customizations.

JavaServer Pages or JSP basically converts static web pages into dynamic and interactive versions. Online pages created through HTML and XML will have enhanced features using JSP. With Apache Tomcat, pages that run JSP can run efficiently. With collaboration from different programmers across the globe the project involved in Apache Tomcat continues to evolve with enhanced features with every new version of release. Tomcat version 4.x for example was released with multiple components including an HTTP connector to the standard JSP handler and servlet container. This version’s HTTP connecter is referred to as Coyote which enhances the features and functions of the servlet component called Catalina. Through Coyote, Catalina will be able to function as a plain web server that is able to interpret HTTP documents. Aside from simply handling servlet duties, Catalina is enhanced to include web-serving functions. The processing of XML pages is updated under Tomcat 6.0.41. Tomcat 7.0.55 release has better error-handling features especially when the input has already been done. Apache Tomcat 8.014 version meanwhile introduced experimental support for the parsing of cookies with the use of RFC 6265.

Various components and features are added to Apache Tomcat by different developers and programmers who contribute to this open-source software project. Some provide enhancements to suit their specific needs. The codes for this software are readily available for every programmer to use and modify. Mirrors of the web-serving platform can also be used to implement a special Tomcat instance.

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