What Is Anorexia?

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Anorexia refers to an eating syndrome that manifests as life-threatening weight loss and lack of appetite. The condition may also come as a result of excessive physical exercise. Persons who suffer from anorexia also tend to have bulimia, a condition where the affected person makes himself or herself vomit after taking a meal as way of avoiding weight gain. Anorexia tends to occur more in women rather than in men. Anorexia is a very severe condition that can easily result to loss of life when not taken care of properly, anorexia. It is a complex condition that can be difficult to treat. Though it is a mental ailment, is also involves sever medical problems that include irregular heartbeat, weak heart muscles, low levels of blood pressure, slow heartbeat, reduced levels of magnesium, potassium in the body and fatigue. Anorexia also makes a person more vulnerable to heart failure, anemia, liver and kidney disorder s, bone mass loss, dehydration and hormonal imbalances that cause women miss their menses.

How Anorexics Think

A person with anorexia disorder has a distorted perception of his or her body image. Such a person believes that she is fat when the fact is she is seriously underweight. Some anorexia patients think that society is partly to blame for their condition. This is because society tends to place a lot of value in being thin even as media platforms show pictures of slim models and portray them as beautiful and products for cutting weight are also marketed heavily. This causes small young girls want to lose weight and diet. Persons with this disorder lose control of issues in life most of the time and controlling what they eat and when they eat makes them feel like they are in control. Some medical experts link anorexia to sexual abuse saying children who are sexually abused tend to develop this condition in adulthood. However, those does not always happen though there seems to be a link.

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