What is annexation?

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What is annexation?

Annexation is term that refers to the binding of two different things into one part.  It can be applied to a variety of things including buildings, properties, and territories.  In its legal context, annexation relates to the consolidation of two different things or entities.  In this case, the thing being “annexed” is usually the smaller part between the two things involved.

In the case of buildings for example, when there is a smaller building adjacent to a bigger building.  The smaller structure may be joined to the main building by means of annexation.  In this particular example, the smaller of the two buildings is the one being annexed.

Annexation may also be applied to countries that expand their territories.  By means of annexation, the existing size of a country in terms of land area and even the population is increased by consolidating other nearby areas.  Usually the consolidation of the territories involved requires that the area being annexed agree to be joined with the bigger territory.  In terms of politics, people in the area for annexation may choose to hold an election if all the people in their area agree or disagree to be part of the bigger territory.  In this particular case, not only will the smaller territory be joined to the bigger territory, but the people will also be joined to the population of the bigger territory.

But annexation is a thing of the past in terms of countries wanting to expand their territories.  Annexation was deemed illegal and unfair because it only brought advantages to the territory or country that is considered bigger and stronger.  Territories with smaller land area and population were looked at as the weaker side and most often forced into an agreement to be annexed by the bigger territory.  After World War II, the process of annexation is invalidated based on international law.

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