What is an OTR Driver?

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What is an OTR Driver?
An OTR or “over-the-road” driver is basically a truck driver hired for long-distance travel that could take several days for the purpose of the travel to be served. Usually semi-trailer trucks are used by OTR drivers and these trucks contain goods and materials which are for delivery to another city, state, or location.

OTR drivers are not your basic everyday drivers that may get you from one location to the next. It takes extra skill to drive for long distances and for long periods which could take days and even weeks at a time. A person who knows how to drive doesn’t always mean that he/she can be an OTR driver. He/she must submit himself to some training in driving semi-trailer trucks and must obtain a specific license called the CDL or commercial driver’s license. Most companies that employ OTR drivers pay for the training of these drivers. And after training, these drivers may now acquire the license at their specific driving school or center.

And since OTR drivers are stuck to their semi-trailer trucks for several days, they practically live on them. These drivers tag along their personal belongings in their trips to various parts and locations. Some drivers are hired to transport goods on a specific route every time, back and forth according to schedule. While others are given different routes and destinations depending on the company’s needs. Life of OTR drivers also involve eating and resting in towns and cities that they pass by. This means these people are able to visit new places every time they’re on the road. But the downside is that, these drivers are always away from their homes and families as they are on the road most of the time.

Payment for OTR drivers depends on the company that hire them, but the usual scheme is on a per mile basis. Most areas, cities, or states also have specifications on the legal number of hours of driving and of resting. Some drivers also get additional pay if they are involved in the loading and/or unloading of goods that they transport.

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