What is an aura?

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Aura refers to the light energy that emanates from various things including people and object. Each person for example has an aura pertaining to luminous radiation which may be perceptible to some people.  In most cases, only experts in the field of parapsychology can perceive the aura of a person.  With regular people, it is said that they can perceive aura through practice and training.  A person’s aura may be perceived in a variety of colors and this light energy is emitted by the body on the sides from head to toe.

On a scientific standpoint, the aura of a person is a result of the overall electromagnetic energy he/she possesses.  Experts in the study of auras also believe that a person’s aura or luminous energy also relates to his/her physical and/or emotional health.  Others meanwhile associate the different colors of a person’s aura to his/her personality or internal concerns.  Aura that is clear red in color is said to represent power and energy.  Persons who have this kind of aura are considered competitive and full of passion.  Yellow aura meanwhile is often emitted by people who are considered intellectual and inspirational.  Blue aura refers to a state of peacefulness and calm. With blue turning to lavender or violet, the person involved is said to be very intuitive and highly sensitive.  Through the study of the different auras and its correlation with people’s health and personalities, many parapsychology experts will be able to know a person’s health problems or his/her basic personality just by analyzing his/her own aura.

For skeptics on the subject of aura and its supposed connection to people’s personality, health, or feelings, many of them believe that what people perceive as luminous energy are secondary to various brain processes.  Many also believe that certain drugs can make the brain “think” or “see” different colors of radiation emanating from other people.  Medical experts also point out that various conditions affecting the brain may also affect a person’s visual system and result to optical-related effects like auras.


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